Unexpected Mysteries
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2001-08-28 02:33:04 (UTC)

Getting back on track

Today was somewhat productive, Sarah and I went to get
icecream this evening, we started at the library, but we
sat there and talked and didn't get a chance to go in,
that's when we drove to get icecream. Didnt get nothing
accomplished that I thought, I did get my things out of the
cleaners. Oh yeah, I did get a chance to fax resumes tho.
But tomorrow is another day.

I walked in from getting icecream with sarah, and Derrick
my husband, was home. I didn't want to go into the house,
but unwillingly I did. It was an ok experience, I thought
it would be crap when I walked in, but I smelled the sweet
smell of steak cooking. What a surprise, I guess my
argument helped, I didnt have to tell him what to do
today. Hope in some way we can began to get along, not
lovingly, but just until I get the hell out of here.
Before we rip eachothers head off.

Oh, something else, I had a dream, I can't really remember
it, but I had a dream about Nick, it was something like, I
was away and he went out last night, and he told me about
him dropping this lady off somewhere, and I got pissed off,
and he told me he was in his car and she was laying on his
shoulder, and I woke up. I wonder what was that about? Oh
well, I had a pretty good day. Until tonight, we shall
chat again.

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