The Sexy Blonde
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2001-08-28 02:18:02 (UTC)

Monday 8-27-01

Hey readers,

I am doing okay. I haven't wrote a lot I am not to
good about keeping my diary up. I am in my third week of
school. I guess I could say now that I am here and in
school I am not that excited anymore and I could really
careless. I mean don't get me wrong all the puny, ugly,
pimply face bitchs, and dirty little horney boys, aren't
all bad. Not. Yeah right. I am beautiful. Go see my pic in
my profile under [email protected]. It is in there,
go check it out. I am pissed about volleyball. I had no
clue volleyball started before school almost a month ago,
and I am just now trying to join the team. I will be the
only freshman. I don't care. I am great at volleyball. One
of the star players last year, in Seagoville's newspaper.
Anyway's my boyfriend and I have had a few problems, but
were doing ok. He slept over for the first time last week
(he meaning Jose my boyfriend). I slept over at his house
this last weekend, and we kept having problems so I guess
last weekend wasn't that great because we kept on fighting
or there was always something wrong. I don't know. Well I
am happy Vanessa has my lunch , I can't believe she asked
me in a letter if I was pregnant. I don't think I look like
it. I know I am not. I was happy to of gotten a letter from
my best girl friend in Minnesota. Her name is Robyn, she is
a real friend, real crazy. Already chick its all about
those blondes!! Hell yeah! We both have boyfriends of 8
months too!