Just another life
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2002-12-09 12:14:18 (UTC)

Got problems?

Don't we all. I've found that not only does EVERYONE have
problems,but most peoples problems are more important than
mine. I'm usually whining about not getting the girls that
I want, instead of just going after those who want me. Not
having the exact girls you want isn't a big problem, I
guess. I mean I love "them", but it could be worse. I
could be a cripple, one-eyed midget. Now that's problems.
Girls tell me I'm attractive, physically at least, but I
wish I was COMPLETELY attractive. I want them to look at
me and say "Yeah, he looks good, but he's also a great
guy." That is all I want. Because, if the ladies said
that, then I would have more confidence, and I would
probably say something to one of them. But to me, when a
girl says youre hot, that DOES NOT mean they like you. And
even if it did, there is still the social order of things.
I didn't become that mature until, really, this year.
Before that, I was a little perverted, dick. I can admitt
it. Because that's in the past. The "girls" are now.
They are all I can think of. Why do women have so much
power over me?