Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
2001-08-28 02:14:45 (UTC)


So, my ex-boyfriend and I are finally starting to get where
we are comfortable around each other again. Which is
really great, cuz we were such good friends before we
started going out, and that was probably the hardest thing
about breaking up with him, the fact that I cared so much
about him, that and knowing how he felt about me. I knew
it wasn't working out; I needed more space, and Sean was
much too clingy, but still, it was probably one of the most
painful things I've had to do, but I still stand by my
decision, especially now. It's been about six months since
we broke up (yes, I broke up with him a week after
Valentines Day... I am a horrible person, I know!!), and
for a while I was afraid that we wouldn't be able to go
back to being friends. But recently we've been able to
really start talking, and joking around again. I didn't
even realize how much I missed him, but it really is great
to have him back in my life. Sean's an incredibly great
guy, and it really helps me a lot to know I made the right
decision. Cuz that's why I broke up with him; I wanted to
end it while we could still be friends.