A Dream Gurlz Life
2001-08-28 02:08:27 (UTC)

I dont know what to do

Last night I was talking to my ex-boyfriend. This is a guy
that I still like and took a long time getting over no
matter how he acted. Well I was finally over him, like I
liked him as a good friend but not the love I felt for him
when we were going out. He's been getting me really
confused. Like last night he imed me online and was saying
how much he misses me and still likes me.I dont know if hes
being true aobut it or not. He's like "I always loved you
and alwayz will and you know that" but i told him, do I
really know that. I dont know about him. I'm so confused! I
like dont know what to do.He wants to hang out sometime
soon. ANd he might be moving to california so I dontknow.
then there is guy Erie that I like. He doesnt know I like
him. Me and him are friends. He's told me that he likes me
and when he gets his license back maybe we can date. But
like everytime I talk to him he like doesnt have the time
to talk or talks to me about a new gurl he likes.But i dont
have the guts to tell him that I like him cuz then I'm
afraid he'll start acting werid around me. I dont know
there is just so much more going on right now and I'm
starting to get depressed again. think I'm going to go for
now and talk to one of my friends. But i'll write more
tomorrow when hopefully i'm doing better *~DreamGurl04~*