the seeker

comfort in my own skin
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2002-12-09 09:53:43 (UTC)

full days while im alone

i spent the entire day alone, and yet i felt like i had
one of the fullest days of my life. and knowing that felt
good, because im not really the kind of person who's knwon
for standing alone. usually, i cant bear the thought of
being alone. in public especially. but today, as i was
walking through the mall during my lunchbreak, i was able
to enjoy a delicious and new experience of chicken served
with fruit, crab, and rice, topped with banana-apple
fingers drizzled with caviar. and for once, when i was
enjoying it, i didn't really feel the need or sadness taht
usually overcomes me when there are things i wanna share
and no one to share them with. it just felt good to be
sufficient for me all on my own.

i guess since a few days before, ive really been trying to
work at being alone, and i feel it paying off.

i think, i am starting to like me, and i dont need anyone
to tell me taht i am great to believe it. i know it for

i wish the same for everyone the world over.