"Leben ist ein Weibchen."
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2002-12-09 09:21:49 (UTC)

Dec. 7th-9th

Hey you guys. These past few days have been
frustrating, hectic, and yet, all around entertaining.
Let's see, yesterday I only got 2 hours of sleep because I
talked to Brian up until 9:30am, and then I read until 10.
I woke up at 1 to Brick, Casy and Rah-Rah banging on my
door. hmmm...they stayed for about 10 minutes, and I think
Brick just came over to kiss me, well either that or
torture me with his devinaire charm and firey hot
attraction, but on more levels than one. If Casey and Rah-
Rah weren't there, I would have jumped on him and told me
to make him him slave...for my appitite for him, and my
appitite for ood, creative, hungry love-making.
I fell asleep at about 8:30 after reading all night,
haha, woke up at like 7:30 and got up because I realized I
had wasted my night. haha. oh well. I read for a bit, fell
back asleep at 9:30 and woke back up at 1 to Brandy calling
me. I hung around all day, reading and whatnot. Somehow,
Brian fell off the face of the planet, and is nowhere in
sight. I tried calling him today but i wasn't able to talk
to him because his roommate was on the other line. Hmm... I
know he didn't stop talking to me because of the way I look
(even though we've never met, I sent him my pic) because
most men find me very attrctive. Hmm....oh well.
Anyway, I got all prettied up and what not, and Brick
came over at about...oh hell I don't remember. He got
online right away to read my emails, and he surprisingly
didnt give a reaction to them, even though I asked him to.
All he said was 'are you still pissed?' and I said no,
because how can I be truely mad at a man that still has my
heart? We went to wash his car right after that email, nice
car too, an '89 camaro I!
We got back to my house, and we went to my room and
played around a little bit. I could tell that my hunger for
him was equally matched. Yeah, we made love in ways that
I've never imagined, and not to mention, when me and Brick
were going out, there was a lot of sex involved. Hell, he's
great at it, why wouldn't I want it as much as possible? WE
barely turned the lights off before he slid his hands
down haha. WELL, I'm not going to get into too much
detail, even though reliving the moment would be nice.
He left at about 8:30 because he had to meet his family
at the bar at 9, which is all the way across town. Brandy
came short after, and she was in pain and had a bad day,
but all I could think about was Brick's beauty.
Ahhh...*grin*. She talked for an hour (all the way up the
monument) on her therioes and whatnot while I daydreamed
about Brick, and halfway payed attention to her. I
commented every now and again. I didn't mean to not give
her my undivided attention, but I just wanted to be in a
state of daydream and bliss I suppose for as long as I
could hold that moment fresh in my head.
Well kiddos, time for bed. We have to wake up at 11
because Brandy has a doctor aapt. at 1. Love y'all!

Mandy M.

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