ramblings of a madwoman
2002-12-09 07:44:40 (UTC)

art of life...

Oh Lord. I am caught in some disturbing nonsexual bondage
known as Holiday Consumerism.

I very nearly cried at the mall today for lack of finding
what I was looking for in terms of gifts for my friends and
family. My back and feet hurt (like they always do now..
shitty body) and there were too damn many people there. I
abhor people in large groups, especially when they have the
same need I do; to buy useless garbage for people who
probably don't care all that much.

School is the same as it always has been. Annoying. Likely
unecessary. My grades went up in Graphics/Photo and Math,
and dropped several percent in English, which chokes me
beyond belief. Mostly because we're doing Shakespeare right
now and you can't get much out of a great play when
undereducated 17 year olds are the only ones reading it
aloud, myself included. I don't know the right intonations
and pronounciation. Plays shouldn't be part of the
curriculum. But that's just my opinion and we all know that
that counts for jack squat.

Hmm. I'm never sure what else to write. I'm hesitant to
include the most unimportant of details at the risk of
sounding like a blogger or a camwhore. But... Uh...

We have begun all manners of Grad preparation at my school,
I've written up my yearbook comment and am scheduled for my
cap&gown pics next monday. I've put a down payment on limo
rental and I already know what kind of dress I want to
wear. It's like I'm prepping for a miniature wedding, which
strikes me as uber-lame. Oh well, it's a rich tradition,
and I'm going to enjoy it if it fucking kills me.

See "Bowling for Columbine". I have nothing else to say
about that, but it is a terrific documentary that makes
Chuck Heston and everone else look like a giant fucking
moron even in their specialty fields, wheras Marilyn Manson
provides the strong and intelligent voice of reason.

Well, tommorow looks like another shitty day-in-the-life.
Math woo I loves the math. Loves it.*pukes*

Somebody unboredify me.

music-- "so real"-- Jeff Buckley.