The Wait For True Love
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2002-12-09 07:19:03 (UTC)

Snow Day & the Party

Ok.... so lots has happened since my last entry. Lets start
off with the snow day. Omg I felt like such a little kid
again. I was like 11 the last time I saw snow so it was kind
of like my first snow all over again. I was so excited. I
went and bought a snow tube and went sledding. I had a
shitload of snowball fights and I attempted to build a
snowman but that is obviously not my skill. I was so tired
at the end of the day. I slept through work the next
morning. Damn. But I run things over there so no biggie.

So the next night was a Friday night and I went to this
awesome party and got piss ass drunk of course. My friend
was all up on every guy that walked in the door. But I
stayed safely by the jungle juice and jell-o shooters. Hey I
had to be in close range just in case I wanted more. But I
had to make those periodic trips to the bathroom and I hated
to go because on my way there and back someone would always
grab my booty and I couldn't figure out who it was for the
life of me. But I was drunk, and when I'm drunk everything
in the world is cool. The bus ride back to the dorm was out
of control. Nothing but drunk people and of course I was
right there in the mix of things. Everyone was yelling what
state they were from and I was the only dumbass yelling out
Texas. Although my drunk ass did get some other drunk guy to
yell it with me. And when I was getting off the bus I told
some random cute guy to call me. Now how the fuck is he
gonna call me without having my number. Gosh damn it Oh well

I guess you can guess that I still don't have a man so with
that i'll say nighty night


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