2001-08-28 00:57:37 (UTC)

August 27th 2001

Well today was pretty ordinary. James is still acting odd
twords me. I feel badly that I have feelings for James when
I love Toby very much. It is difficult for me sometimes.
Zoe, beung my best friend and all doesnt seem the right one
to go to to talk about though. Somehow Lance has been
squeezing his way back into the picture too, he IMed me the
other day and we talked a lot and I think he may be
intrested in me again which is really too bad for himhe
lost his chances. He had plenty. I do feel badly with the
whole James thing, hes such a great guy and if I wasnt
already with Toby I would probably be with him. I am pretty
cool with my tattoo now, I know i didnt like it that much
after i got it but i am liking it more and more. Somehow I
have been feeling almost back to normal. Although my
daydreams of James have been getting more often. Although
the ones of Toby are more passionate!

well that is all for today. more tommarow hopefully.

Truly Yours