2001-08-28 00:30:43 (UTC)


Have you ever felt your head spin in circles because you
had too many choices? This summer I worked as a camp
counselor at this hippie nature camp. It was a wonderful
experience. I worked with the greatest people and the
sweetest children. Along the way I met a number of very
nice boys. I refer to them as boys because the only true
man is a girl's dad. There were 4 great guys this summer.
The first one was Sam. He is fun and smart and deep and I
thought we connected, but I found out he is really into pot
and suddenly we had less in common. Then there was Charlie.
He is really cute and magnetic. We have so much in common -
our opinions on relationships and music and other people. I
have been seeing him for the past two or three weeks.
Unfortunately, I don't think it is all about feelings
anymore. Everything is more pyhsical and he doesn't seem to
really care. Then there is Troy- the lifeguard. He is a
year older then me and from my area, in fact he went to my
high school. He is wonderful with the children. He makes me
laugh and think and realize that I must take advantage of
the time I have. He has made it more than obvious that he
likes me too, but neither of us ever acted upon it so I
screwed up my chances there. Lastly, there is Josh. He is
so different, which is the greatest part. I am so sick of
the same old Romeos. He is totally his own person with
smart opinions and stories and he really makes me laugh. He
thinks I am beautiful. He is so much fun to be with and
hang out with. Yesterday we spent 7 hours together. We did
nothing bu walk and talk. It was the greatest time of my
life. I told him about Charlie and how I feel and about my
ex (Andrew). I have a hard time telling anyone how I feel.
He makes me feel so comfortable to talk and not have to
think about it. So now I am stuck in this position. I
should choose no one, but I want to choose someone. I leave
for college in four days. Is it even worth the thought?
Should I simply prepare for school and think nothing of any
of these boys? Only time will tell.