Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-12-09 04:36:05 (UTC)

i luv shoppin'

again i keep forgetin' to write...sorry guyz newayz uhh
lemme tell u bout my basketball gamez. our first game whuz
against grandview and we won 56 to 6. it whuz fun. then in
da first match of tournament our game whuz against
excelsier springz. we won 48 to 10. and championship game
whuz against liberty and we won 34 to 30. that game whuz
close. i didnt get to play AT ALL in that game. coach didnt
play like 3 gurls at all. i whuz so pissed. then she comes
up and has the nerve to say we had as much to do wit
winning as the people who played. im sittin there thinkin i
didnt have NETHING to do with it. i got pissed and then
cried and finally i dnot give a fuck. i guess i just gotta
work harder. but i guess itz alright since we own excelsier
springz championship we are 3 and 0 now. ray-south newayz
friday heather went up and talked to that joe guy (in art
class) for me and told him i wanted to go out wit him. i
whuznt around and i didnt get a chance to talk to him since
she did. i think it might be a lil' awkward now. but i want
him. he'z funny and he lookz really good. hmm and so
fridayi went shoppin' wit eirn and got sum shit den i had a
game (already told u bout all dat) den friday nite i went
wit jessica and sum guy and we cruised noland. you mite
call me crazy but i dont like cruisin noland. cuz jessica
alwayz has da window rolled down and itz alwayz fuckin
cold. brrr. and den lata dat nite we went over and say
jesse and shaun. jesse is dis really fine guy from hickman
and shaun is dis ugly guy who wantz to hook up wit jessica.
i mite get wit jesse who knowz...den saturday we had a
game. (which whuz championship) den i went wit jessica and
we went to hang out wit sum friendz. and den we went back
to jessica'z and i stayed da nite der. den today i came
home did sum stuff at home. and den went ova to jessica'z
and we went wit des 2 fine friendz of jessica'z to da mall.
and den i had to get home. so we left. and i came home and
did pretty much nuttin' and now im typin' this. but now i
have to go shave my legz cuz we gotta game tomorrow against
truman and i want silky smooth legz. oh and my goal is to
get hooked up wit joe tomorrow so...wish me luck hehe. bye