Ana*~TiNy AnT~*

A Place For My Head
2001-08-27 23:53:06 (UTC)


OMG! Claudio likes me back! yay! my day brightened up!
coz, Ruben and Luis told me that Johan likes me, so they
asked me what would i tell Johan if he asked me to be his
girl and i said i would think about it, then they asked me
what would i do if Claudio asked me that, and i said "the
answer is crystal clear, and... n e wayz, yeah right! like
if thats going to happen!" and they told me that they would
convince him to ask me to be his girl and after they talked
to him (of course i was dying of embarrassment) Ruben told
me: He says that he will think about it, that you're cute
and everything, but you don't speak much, and he doesnt
know you well, Claudio likes girls who talk" so... starting
tomorrow, i'll speak as much as i can! this had never
happened to me in my entire life, i finally feel, what's
like to have different lads who like you at the same time!
I mean... not to brag (thought it sounds like that!) but
now i know that Johan & Luis like me, and that Claudio is
considering asking me to be his girl!
sorry if this entry was self-centred, but i had to tell