Jeff Roberts

The Understanding of Myself
2002-12-09 03:09:34 (UTC)

a crazy weekend

Yea so this weekend has been beat and crazy at the same
time. Friday was beat we went to my friend toms house which
fuckin sucked balls. did nothing but talk and...nothing.
Saturday was the crazyiest night in a longgggg time. I
almost got killed, arrested and fell out of a moving car.
Killed how you say? killed like in a car crash. we went
egging and egged this guy's car pretty bad. so as were
driving like 90 we try to pass this car in front of us and
another car was coming from the opposite way and almost
nailed us if we didnt get back in our lane. We almost got
arrested for no obeying the speed limit and probably would
have gotten arrested cause of pete and rich...they were
stoned. then of course today...Tons of work. I work at
Eastern Mountain Sports in the Boots department of my town.
its a great job i mean no complaints...i get 8 bucks an
hour for helping people find shoes. the people i work with
are great people. fun always having a good time. too bad
their mostly older than me which sucks so i can't even hang
with them after work or go to a bar with them. Oh well.
Then i came home tonight and started talkin to lauren
again. I tell her about my boring weekend and listen and
hear how she saw 2 movies with 2 guys and how she had a
great weekend, but as she's leaving...knowing i had a not
so cool weekend she says "I hope you had a good weekend".
Hm...i'm confused by it as usual. if anyone has an idea
what she means feel free to send some feedback. Right now i
feel like standing on my kitched table and just screaming
at the top of my lungs and shatter my ear drums so that i
couldnt never hear again so i dont have to sit and listen
to pop sickens me. I'm just gonna list some
bands and cd's i'm into right now...check them out their
pretty dank.

Band - cd title or song title
Sparta - Wiretap scars(cd title)
Thursday - full collapse(cd title)
Jimmy Eat World - a praise chorus(song title)
Cursive - A Red So Deep (song title)

tis all for now i guess