Hair Of The Dog
2001-08-27 23:30:24 (UTC)

pissed as parrots

Woke up this morning still drunk from last night. Don't you
hate that...

Well last night was interesting, in a word. Had a fuming mad
Croatian father going off his rocker at me in the bar as he
objected to me selling alcohol to his son. His son has a bit
of an alcohol problem, however as a barman I can't do a
great deal if he comes to the bar and wants to buy a drink.
We take people off tap for being drunk, not for being
alcoholics. Me and this guy's father had a big argument, he
was threatening to call the cops. I said 'go ahead', however
in hindsight this was a bit of a stupid idea, I was a little
pissed at the time. Not greatly, but just a little. However
that's enough to get me in the shit.

Well some guy just offered me $20 to type up two essays for
him.... sweet.... easy money.... anyways, back to the

Well so I argued with this guy's mad Croatian father for a
bit, and then had a sensible discussion with his mother.
They both have a point, there's no disputing that at all,
however there's not a lot I can do. The problem lies with
them, not the bar.
Anyways I finished work and got drunken blind with a mate
who came to visit me at the bar. When that shut we went to
the local supermarket to get food. The security guard there
got real shitty as I was sitting in a trolley and Kev (my
mate) was pushing me around the store at high speeds. It was
all good though.