Bridget Cole

Bridget's Universe
2001-08-27 23:20:23 (UTC)

A Long Weekend

Monday 8/27/01

I got into Chicago at around 4:00 pm on Friday. I rented a
compact car at Hertz and drove to Joliet to surprise my
mom. Joliet has changed a lot since I moved away 8 years
ago. They just built a big NASCAR race track there and
they have riverboat gambling. The riverboats brought in a
lot of new money to the area and a lot of jobs. When I
graduated from high school, in 1990 things were pretty
bad. A lot of industry was closing up and unemployment was
very high.

Road construction right now around Chicago is terrible. It
took me over 2 hours to drive the 45 miles from O'Hare to
Joliet. When I got to mom's house, she was not there.
Since I know the garage opener code, I let myself in. Mom
came home about a half hour later. I had parked the car on
the street, so she had no idea anyone was there when she
walked in. When she saw me, she was really shocked. She
couldn't even talk for several seconds. She was so happy
to see me that she cried.

I took mom out to dinner and then I called an old
girlfriend. We got together and went to a local sports bar
where there was a band playing. I didn't stay out late
because I had to get up early the next day, and I didn't
want to upset mom.

I had to do work 8 hours Saturday and 6 hours on Sunday.
The job involved serving drinks and schmoozing with the
clients of a really big company that does a lot of business
with the agency I work for. Normally they would not have
brought someone in from out of town, but they were short on
models and they didn't want to say no the to customer. I
got paid $100 an hour for walking around in a string bikini
and being friendly with people.

Mom and I went to the riverboat casino on Saturday night.
She likes to play the nickel slot machines. I tried my
luck at blackjack for awhile and ended up losing $200 in
less than 30 minutes. Mom won over 2000 nickels on a
Monopoly machine. I ended up sitting next to her for about
an hour and we took turns playing her machine.

Mom quizzed me in detail about Cindy and Paul. I told her
over and over that I didn't know anything. She is under
the impression like I was until a few days ago that Paul is
to blame for the problems. I wonder if Cindy will be
honest with mom when she tells her why they are getting a

I had to rush to make my flight after finishing my
assignment Sunday afternoon. You have to return your
rental car at a remote lot and take a shuttle bus back to
the terminal. I had to stand in line for 15 minutes to get
up to the counter. When I finally got up there and reached
into my purse to pull my wallet out, my vibrator fell out
of my purse onto the counter and rolled right off the other
side and onto the floor!!! The young man who was waiting
on me picked it up and handed it to me and he was giggling
like a kid. I was so embarrassed that I wanted to crawl
out of there on my stomach like a snake. Next time I will
pack the vibrator in my luggage.

I arrived at the gate just 30 minutes prior to boarding.
I got home around 9pm and went straight to bed without even
getting my mail or checking my answering machine.

All teachers were due back to school today. The students
don't start until tomorrow. The morning was full of
meetings. I spent the afternoon unpacking stuff and
getting my classroom ready for the children.

As I was walking into the teacher's lounge this afternoon,
I overheard two teachers talking about me. They were
saying something to the effect that my appearance and dress
was too provocative and that the principal was going to
talk to me about it. They both turned red when I walked
around the corner into the lounge. I pretended that I
didn't hear anything.

Later in the afternoon I walked right past Mr. J. the
principal and he was friendly and welcomed me back. He
didn't say anything about the way I was dressed or my new
tattoo. That was a big relief.

Molly was glad to see me when I got home today. I have
been away so much lately that I'm sure she is confused.
She jumped right into my lap and started purring.

I'm not so sure that I will get the chance to update this
diary every day now. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday I have
an aerobics class to teach from 6:00 to 7:00. I have
internet access at the school but I am reluctant to use it
because they can track everything you do online.

Frank is meeting me tomorrow at the Fairfield Inn around
4:00. It works out pretty well for the both of us. He
goes right past there on his way home. We'll have a couple
of hours to spend together. Frank says he has a surprise
for me tomorrow. I love surprises.