I am Jack
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2002-12-09 02:33:59 (UTC)

It's called a change-over...

Well, I made it here safe and sound, but what a drive, it
took me 3 days. Actually the journey itself was enjoyable
for the most part. Slept in El Paso the first night; the
hotel looked over a large drop, you could see all the
lights from El paso and into Mexico spread out at your
feet, really pretty. The next day took I-10 through New
Mexico and Arizona, veered off on I-8 and slept in El
Centro, California. Then went back up to I-10, passed by
the Salton Sea (Not quite as pretty as I thought it'd be).
Once back on I-10 I went through this large windfarm area
among the mountains; hundreds of huge spinning windmills on
both sides, it was quite a sight, kinda otherworldy.
Continued north past the outskirts of L.A., then took I-5
northbound all the way up.
About 20 miles away from LA was some of the most
beautiful scenery I've ever driven through; completely
surrounded by mountains, just coasting along the rolling,
mostly downhill road was really fun. Then I drove into a
heavy fog as night fell, after that I couldn't see anything
for hours until I got to San Francisco. (It kinda
dissapointed me all the sights I was probably missing when
driving at night.) Finally got into Oakland via I-580, and
took the Bay Bridge (really cool and surprisingly long
driving over that) into San Fran. The whole last day of
driving through California was a bit surreal to me, and I
was often thinking, "Man, I'm really doing this, I'm in
I took a few pictures of the trip, and I'll post them,
probably in my Yahoo briefcase once I get the roll
Now, it's Sunday night and I still have so much to do
before I can really sit back and relax here, though I've
been distracted many times already. I'm still unpacking,
still need to change most of my stuff over, and hopefully
tomorrow I hear back about a temporary job that I can work
at until I find a good graphic design job or our endeavors
take off.
Chi's place is ok, Reminds me of a really nice and big
dorm, (for the college crowd at the University near here)
but I certainly don't complain since he's not asking for
rent. The great thing is it's close to everything:
highways, subway station, grocery store, a Galleria. I'm
still really lost when I go out and drive, or just walk
around, but I'll get the hang of it all I'm sure. In any
event, I think I'm going to like it here.

"If you woke up in a different time, in a different place,
could you wake up as a different person?" -from Fight Club