Jessey's Diary
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2001-08-27 22:45:15 (UTC)

Siblicible Life- Life with the siblings

Life with Mickey and Jay? Let's just say that MY life is
non-existent. Don't get me wrong, I love Mickey and Jay,
but c'mon! Must they know every detail and aspect of my
life? However, as much as I complain, our lives have
improved. We actually talk to each other! I guess two and a
half months away in another state really improved our
relationship. As much as I am sad that I had to leave my
grandparent's house, I also know that I am ecstatic to be
home. My life, as non-existent as it is, has returned to
normal. I am back at school, and every Sunday and Tuesday I
attend a local church with my friends, the McKenzies. No,
life with Mickey and Jay is not perfect, but we are working
on it. Every Friday, for example, we go bowling from 8:00
p.m. to 12:00 am. Most times, we take our friends Chels,
Rache, Tanya, Tony, K.K., and Gary (the McKenzie children)
with us. Last Friday, our next-door neighbor, Tiana, went
with us too. She lives in one of the two houses between the
McKenzies's and ours. Anyway, I must go now, and return to
my household duties. Farewell readers!