Road to Freedom
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2002-12-09 01:53:45 (UTC)

New Diary

I was on livejournal and I just couldnt say what I wanted
to say on there anymore. Friends are great but there are
some things you just don't want to share with anyone. I am
not sure if you can comment on journals here but I HOPE YOU

This is my life, my choices and noone has to like it or
agree with it. I need a place to sort out the shit in my
head without feedback from others. I pay a shrink to give
me her opinion.

It already feels better here.

Today, I rearranged my room and my mom set up the xmas
tree. I found a great place to display all of my swords
and daggers. On the wall with my large camelot sword.
They look so good. My medival cups are out on the desk and
it just looks nice.

Work is going great, xmas party is Tuesday. The day
everyone expects us to dress up pretty and get together. I
wear shorts and tshirts everyday. I am not a dressy
woman. Once a year won't kill me but picking shit out for
it almost does each year.

Well, this is the first post. Short and sweet. I will
open up more soon enough. So much time, can't think of
what to say. :)

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