Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2001-08-27 22:31:07 (UTC)


Its really hard to get a girft for my parents, and this
year even harder, cause i have no $ at all, and so i am not
sure what to do for my dad, i already know what to do for
my mom, but i am gonna need a little $ but it wont be the
gift, its going to help me do the gift. This year, since i
am a bum, i am going to use my "great talent" to do stuff!
ha ha! anyways, i am going to sand down the back of my moms
guitar, since she dont play it all that much and paint a
really awsome collage of stuff that she will like on the
back of it, ya know, something that screams her! But for my
dad, now he is hadr, he is hard to shop for, so i dont know
what to do! I am going to go bazzerco! yeah! well okay, i
will write later!

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