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2001-08-27 22:25:38 (UTC)

how my day was

hey well i guess my day went ok except for my tummy i had a
tummy ache all day and it wasnt good ... yeah and i wanted
at least a hug this mourning from jacob and i didnt get
one : ( it made me feel a lil bad but oh well if he didnt
want to hug me its ok :( !!!well ashley is grounded so i
cant talk to her online or on the phone so that sux yeah
but oh well.... yeah wel i hope ill get to tell jacob luv
ya on the phone tonight i havent had the gutz to and i dont
think he does either!!! but some stupid idotic boy asked me
out today and i was like no dumby i go wit someone lol...
yeah well i really dont have nething else to write except i
am in major pain from dance class today it even hurts when
i walk and i hurt every where even my tummy from
crunches !!! yeah i am outta shape big time so i need to
strech every day after school for like an hour well g2g ok

luv yall lotz,