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2002-12-09 00:59:58 (UTC)

DaMn... it been 2 long

im so over ryan okay no i aint :( it's been months but
im not over him we neva did give it another shot tho i
wished countless times :( i still cry at night thinkin bout
him and wonder if he eva really did love me but thats all
in the past and these few months since then have been FULL
of guy action

i did go to h/c he wasnt there tho he was supposed to
be... with his new g/f which lemme tell ya *he got 2 days
afta we broke it off* i did finish out the fottball games
as well, making sure he was jealous as hell but crying

simply put i jumped from guy to guy until i finally landed
a boyfriend... 1st football game was like me and mike (my
friend who yelled at ryan LoL and was all ova me all night
to help me piss the "flaming fag" as he called him off)
lil did i know soon i would lose ryans friendship as well

next game it was me and steve *the homecoming game* i
thought i was in love with steve but he was all over my
friend jess within a week...

next game it was derek *a long love interest who i will
always and 4ever have a place in my heart for and love with
all the emotion i can until the end of the world* and
robert ( a friend with benefits) that i have a major secret
crush on tho he knows it
- i made out with both of them wishing the night
would never end and 4getting about ryan tho id wished he
had seen me over there making out with his best friend
(the next day derek and robert came 2 my house but that was
a whole different story) i still have an on going thing
with the both of them (and we secretly hook up every once
in a while na mean

next game was the last, i went with a dear friend named
sabrina and met up with a new love interest named adam (i
met him on my b-day while i was on a date with his friend
wes *who is an ugly fricker* hahaha) and i thought i loved
adam as well until we stopped talkin and my world came
crashing down again tho that night was amazing and i was
in tears cuz i didnt get a kiss from the hottest guy id
ever layed my eyes on
(me and adam later got in a fight and didnt talk again
until just yesterday)

Well that was my guy hoping *now im settled and been
settled for nearly a month*

Bryans his name... *our story is a sweet one* i'll tell ya
bout it in the next post aight :)*

anyways thats not nearly all of it but thats the parts that
really made me laugh cry and made me realize im prolly
betta off without ryan or the pain he caused me... god
knows i still cry everytime i hear him and his ex's
song "heaven" oh yea and update the lil ass is single
now and another update this may be bad but im prolly
gana be talkin mostly bout derek from now on cuz im madly
in love with this boy

oh and i seen 8 mile that night it came out and DAMN IF U

Thanx 4 reading more posts 2 come

Mood: Caught Up :)
Earlier Mood: missin ryan :(

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