No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-12-08 23:36:08 (UTC)

my weekend

hey How are you? I am pretty good.
Friday I didn't do much of anything. School went well,
Drill ended at like was nice. Alisha stayed the
night...we fell asleep pretty early.
Saturday was a Drill Meet. We won 1st Place in my
Colorguard yet again. It was awesome. I was so nervous
though. We got a 341 out of 350. Not bad at all. I was
really excited. A lot of people had sticks up there asses
though...really tended to bring my spirits down a little,
but not much. lol. Alisha stayed the night and we fell
asleep at like 9:30.
Today I hung out with Alisha and put up most the christmas
I cant take this house much longer. I am so sick of
everyone in this house. THEY ARE FUCKING PISSING ME OFF. I
swear they have a comment on every move of my life. My
little sister now has a say in what happens in my life,
which makes NO FUCKING SENCE considering she can't even
make her own decisions. She has been really bitchy too and
I cannot stand her. I'm going to kill her.
But, I still have reasons to keep smiling and stay happy. :D