Trials and Tribulations of Tim..
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2001-08-27 21:06:57 (UTC)

I hate the night.

Ok, I was up the previous night (Aug. 26), watching the
Critic, as usual, when I began to feel sick and started
sweating. So, I went in, had a couple sandwiches and went
to bed after the show. Big mistake. I woke up 7 times, from
2 AM to 5 AM, to go to the bathroom.I didn't get to sleep
until 5:30 AM and somehow I wake up refreshed, 5 hours
later. I think it was something in the food. Well, I'm
still sorta excited because I'm meeting this girl at the
Roosevelt Mall (The Dirt Mall) on Wednesday, and she might
like me, which would cause hell to freeze over. Peace
out, "homies".