~AsTrO HeArT~
2001-08-27 19:42:04 (UTC)

After school! Monday, August 27, 2001

Dear Journal,
Ahh.. today sucked. I have like NO classes with anyone
except Rothy 1st period... Heres my schedual...

3rd- M W-Chemistry Lab... T R F-Study Hall-Geary
4th-Computer Applications-Romance
5th-Advanced Algebra-Osterling.. 2nd lunch
7th-World Cultures-Dunlap

Tabish is supposedly the HARDEST teacher ever... he is
small, and looks like santa clause *LOL* And kind of
intimidating.. ugh, yeah, this year is going to be kind of
sucky but I am still trying to keep an open mind about it
all even though it is kind of hard.

I have to go to work at 5 and I get off at 9. Thank God I
only had to read a small paper for Tabish and I got it done
in study hall because I have no energy to do it now nor
will I later.

I miss him... :( and I have one thing to say...

"I am in love with you
And it is crushing my heart
Tearing me apart
The only thing I want is to be with you
For you to hold me in your arms
And promise to never let go"

Ok, I am going to go... Bye.