Alisha`s thoughts
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2002-12-08 22:00:50 (UTC)


Date: 12-8-02/ Time:4:42 PM./ Mood:Completely confused
about everthing in my life right now

How can someone who is suppose 2 be like my best friend,
hurt me so much, everytime I talk 2 her, Danielle, it`s
like I want 2 say SO much 2 her, but when the time comes 2
talk 2 her nothing is coming out. I don`t think we have
ever really had a fight this bad, and like everything I
said 2 her I mean, but when I get on the phone with other
ppl besides her... It reminds me that there is more stuff
bothering me then being ignored, like hurting my other
friends, I know that she hurt Rach 2, she was crying I
felt SO bad.... everyone was SO hurt, but I want an
explanation, but I feel like there is no explanation.... I
mean this hurts me SO much and it keeps running through my
mind, not just about Danielle, but it`s like all the stress
is coming back. I felt better when I talked 2 Jovita...
THANKYOU JOVITA your a really great friend... thanks
for being there for me all the way since the begining of
7th grade, out of all the ppl I meet @ eppler I think I
know u longer then all the rest. I can honestly say that. U
mean A lot 2 me as a friend.... and that`s true... Danielle
is just confusing me it`s like we become all close and then
she tells me that are friendship was a lie how can she
have the nerve 2 say that she KNOWS that that`s not true.
I`m so tired casue I can`t sleep lately and I have this
lack of energy because I can`t eat and dammit I think I`m
sick again, cause I have this soar throat thing.

Hey I have a private journal entry thing @ home that I
have been writing in for awhile, I just thought i should
kept this too, because if someone asks what`s wrong i can
guide them here and tell them whats bugging me... it`s
important 2 tell ppl like that, and in here I am not trying
2 hurt anyone`s feelings... I`m telling the plain boring
truth of what`s happening in my life, truthfully sometimes
I don`t even want 2 look back @ what i write because it
hurts me 2 much, but when i despretaly need 2 this helps.
I just want 2 thank all my friends that have been helping
me through a lot of crap in my life. My friends are SO
important 2 me... like ALL of them 2
Talk 2 ya guys all later, I sent Danielle in email, telling
her from my heart why I was mad I wonder what she is gonna
write back or if she is even gonna write back @ all, all
that I know is I hope she doesn`t copy and paste it into
her journal, because that would piss the hell out of me, I
even told her, not 2 have ppl comment on our problems... so
if u do sent a message here, please don`t send it about
this crapy fight, cause it`s between me and her right
now... and she better keep it that way... not much more i
can say right now... can`t get my thoughts out straight
because i`m SO confused, Expecially about this Danielle
-always forever, Alisha