Pandora's Book
2001-08-27 19:20:54 (UTC)

dull and dreary

Aug 27, 01

I feel so dull and depressed. Partly becuase of the
Moffatts, partly because of my parents, partly because of
life in general. I feel horrible.

On SUnday Mom and Dad will be away for the whole day. SHould
I have some friends over? I know it would boost my spirits,
but I dont know who to invite or what we would do.

I got my TO pictures back. Rather dissapointing. I only
have one good picture of Scott... A good one of Bif Naked and
Live On Release bassist though too.

My whole world is breaking, everything that once stood solid
is falling down now. I dont know what to do, I dont know how
to cope. Im spiriling down now too...falling...'s back.


You know what I want? I want to go to the prom with Darrell,
I want to become good friends with Josh, I want to have a
best friend, I want the Moffatts to play another concert, I
want a dog, I want to keep my kitten, I want to be pretty, I
want to be athletic, I want to be smart, I want the sun to
shine forever, I want to be anything but me today.

Enough of feeling sorry for myself.. I should go do
something. Have no idea what though.. maybe get a drink.
Fuck my (weight-loss, health) diet, Im going to have a coke.
112 lbs on this scale, Im 2. I should weigh myself at work.
No, I cant have cola, I cant. It will make me sore (makes my
body ache). Ill have some sprite. how about a bottle of
whiskey? Thats what I need for sure