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2002-12-08 20:53:16 (UTC)

I finally did it

You know my huge crush on Matt and how I have been dying
inside trying to figure out how to ask him out and stuff?
Well I finally decided I HAD to do it. Who knew when I was
going to see him again. So when he called on Friday and said
he was coming to pick some stuff up. I decided enough was
enough. But I still didn't want to do it face to face so I
decided to write him a Christmas card and ask him in there.
And I DID. I thought maybe I would be too afraid to give it
to him but I thought "Screw it" I'm not blowing this on a
"what if" again. I hate "what ifs" with a passion. So now he
knows I am interested and the ball is in his court so to
speak. Now we just have to wait and see if he calls.
Actually it would be cool if he did- i think I would pee my

Current mood: giddy
Current music: "Oh Yeah- "Ferris Bueller"

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