Pirate D

Jesus knows where you live
2001-08-27 18:57:38 (UTC)

Jesus was a caner - what do you think his robe was made out of?

Finally someone who appreciates the hard hours of work it
takes me to spew utter bollocks about why the world is as
shit as it is
So now you come crying to me because you NOW realise I am
the only executive relief worth reading - how many of you
actually pissed your pants reading about someone who hates
Wales, Americans and Feminists? But then you leavewithout

SURE! Take my golden insults and leave me with Fanny Adams!
Squat, Nowt, Not a sausage, Not one iota for all the hard
work i go through just to sit here and tell it how it is!

You people make me sick! Hang on, wasnt i being nice a few
minutes ago? THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!


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