The Boy Looked At Johnny
2002-12-08 19:39:38 (UTC)

December 8, 2002. Afternoon.

It's finals week. I have a lot of paintings and papers to
finish. Quite a lot, in fact.

I also have a lot of money for once. Christmas bonus =
$570, coffeeshop caricatures = $85, corporate Christmas
party commission = $400. Ha ha ha ha. It's amazing how good
having money can make you feel. Before this windfall, I was
lying around groaning, getting headaches and dreading
finals. Now, I just go buy CDs and food, plus I paid Nate
back the $200 I loaned him for when he spotted my August
rent in Louisville. Ha ha ha Life can't possibly be that
simple. But it's a nice change, after about eight months or
so of perpetually having $26 in my bank account. It's going
to be the rent and food money I'm living on basically,
through summer. But first, I indulge a bit.

What did I buy? A huge double cheeseburger with bacon and
three types of cheeses at Denny's. It kicked my ass. Also,
I bought Ikara Colt (good new English ranty angular punk --
I'd read about them in NME, where they were being hyped as
the English Strokes, which they aren't), Love Life (really,
really scary gothy dirge rock with a deeply terrifying
female vocalist; also new), the Human League ("Dare", very
old) and the best of the bunch, the Black Keys (really
fantastic skeezy two-man gutterpunk blues-rock with weird
old school hip-hop overtones in places; again, new). I need
to go get Liars' first record, too. There seems to be a lot
of exciting music coming out right now. Nate went out and
bought the Interpol album, and really likes it, so you know
when Nate is into a band like Interpol something is going

I missed Andrew W.K. I didn't have any money last week.
Nate and Dave said it was the best thing they'd ever seen.
() That night I did start to re-immerse myself in the
Louisville music scene; went to BGW show (free) with two
other bands, Need New Body (seven really insane looking
mental patient types playing Devo-meets-the-Fugs from
Philly) and Euphone (one guy playing both drums and keys,
covering Cheap Trick). It was fun, and I have to say, it
was pretty alright to see all those Louisville Rock
Acquaintances whose names I only barely remember. I do like
going to see music. Why do I stop myself so much? I can't
be THAT petrified of running into ex's and old love
interests, can I?

Can I?


Red Nails show is Thursday. We're not ready, but to hell
with that. We'll just bust it out and let everyone else
deal with the mess. Dan and Becca recorded some demos.
They're good, if very sloppy.

I really wish I could see Jessy over the break, but she
can't afford to come down, and I can't get off work this
time of year (XMas/inventory/back to school). Maybe I can
buy her a plane ticket, I don't know. I love getting emails
from her. Her writing voice is so wonderful. I mean, I love
talking to her (duh), but the way she writes is so sweet
and direct. I mean, what a catch, that Jessy. Life can be a
pretty tasty dish sometimes, can't it?