Unexpected Mysteries
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2001-08-27 18:15:04 (UTC)

It's gonna be a great day...Man o' Man, I've got good news =)

Seeing that I have a great disposition right now, I've got
good news. Well, mission was successful regarding the get
up and go to work day. He didn't know a thing!

I talked to Nick this morning, and he gave me great news,
his papers came back from the lawyers. I'm a happy
camper. We had a great conversation this morning. We
laughed and talked, I could hear the happiness in his
voice. I feel so good, maybe there is hope.

Anyway, I have things to do, fax resumes, get Sarah in
before and after care registration at school. Get the ole
beater registered, pick up and application for the City,
and I'm on my way. Does this mean there is hope, is my
life beginning to turn around. I hope so.

It's gonna be a good day today!!!