inque nine/synthetic sour
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2001-08-27 17:34:03 (UTC)


ARGH!!! we cant leave 2day. marvin just called n said
sth's wrong w/ his car... he has to bring it 2 the shop n
it wont b ready until l8r this afternoon. FUCK IT ALL!!!
of all days to die on us.... jeez! and i've been waiting SO
LONG to leave this god-forsaken craphole. aaaannnnddd we
cant leave 2day cuz marvin hasnt had n e sleep. he said
cuz he was up w/ his friend and they havent seen each other
and etc etc etc.... christ, i cant stop crying. like,
FUCK, of course HE would have a good time here, n not care
that we CANT LEAVE 2DAY. I WANT TO GO HOME!!!!! i want 2
get out of here!!!!! it is totally not fair that i hafta b
in a place i dont wanna b... i would rather b dead than
here. it's not fair that no one understands how much i
fucking hate this place. of course marvin doesnt
understand! he likes it here! i was tempted to get a plane
ticket so i could just fly home. i dunno if it's 2 late 2
do that or watever. then i could just go home myself.
mite as fucking well. if marvin cared @ all he would've
made the effort 2 get at least SUM sleep. but his
happiness was more important? my hatred doesn't outweigh
that one bit? didnt he have me in mind? apparently not!
k, i kno im not the most important person in the world
here, but lets be hedonistic! think about the wider, more
universal happiness.... i mean, he said he wanted 2 go home too...oh,
wat am i saying this for? i am
totally trapped here and there's nothin i can do. i wanted
2 avoid going 2 marvin's place cuz frankly i've never been
comfortable there. am im not saying this cuz the mother
said it, but THAT IS NOT MY HOME! and there's too many ppl
there!!!! I WANT TO GO HOME!!!! fuck it all, i'll walk
there if i have to!!!!!!