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2002-12-08 16:37:32 (UTC)


Hey im not sure if you'll read this or not, but i'll write
it anyway. Momma is mad at me because i "stole" something
from Louisiana, but i didn't steal it. She just thinks i
did. I can't wait till u come down here. Im going crazy. u
left the 30th right?? I think u did anyway. how r tha
kids?? How's ur sister?? My sister is pretty cool these
days actually. I talked to Nicki Dixon, and she told me
that the lil telescope os gonna be there. Im relived. Daddy
did tha splits the other day. He jumed outta the boat and
slipped on a wet board. It was pretty cool. I want a
bananna split. lol. Im just crazy Have u talked to Sam
lately? im thinking about moving in with my Mom. I can't
stand living here with My Grandma another day. well, email
me later at [email protected]

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