2002-12-08 16:20:03 (UTC)

I miss my kittie

Peaches is sick, she went to the vet Tuesday and she'll be
home Monday. I really hope that she's better, i got her Nov
27, 02 from the pound, and she looked sick then, so i took
herto the vet and she'll be home tomorrow. I can't wait to
pet her and love on her, i think that she'll be happy to be
home. Sparky is really annoying, he ate another one of my
socks. He ate the one that i liked, my blue sparkles :( i
almost cried when i saw it in his mouth, i went to take it
out, and it was to late, he ate all of it, all that was
left, was a toe (they were toe socks)It was horrible. The
puppies are about to have to be sold, we have 3 left, and
the area where they are is filthy. I g2g, i have things to
do today.