Thoughts to Share
2002-12-08 15:58:38 (UTC)

secret society.....ha...

It has been a while. I think I've had a bit to do and a
bit on my mind. Don't think I'll make this a long entry as
we're waiting for Ash's parents to arrive in the Creek.
We're going to have a little lunch and then move
stuff....again. I promise...I will never again have so
much stuff. Someone remind me of that next time I have to
move somewhere?
Finals...well, they're over. I guess that is the bright
side. Only to start up again in less than a month. By the
way...did I mention that I have like 5,000 books. And not
fun books to read for pleasure. All...school-related, and
I wonder why it costs me usually $600-ish a semester for
books. Wonder when the grades will arrive. Hopefully I
will get them first. Not that it won't be a suprise at any
time to the parental units...they'll hopefully be happy &
Yesterday I slept until 12. Don't know how long it's been
since I did that. I was so exhausted from the week of
finals and thinking, dealing, trying to understand things.
It seemed like it took us all day to get things packed
up...and then it was only 1 load. Well--it was my car,
full...I guess that's a lot. Jamie helped us move it in so
it didn't take as many trips up the stairs. It's such a
pain to have to move it 1 place to store for a week just
b/c our apartment won't be ready for another week.
I don't think I realized that we were moving again...in
less than a week. How crazy.
I really need to work over Christmas. Afraid I will have
to get a job next semester. Not exactly sure how I will
work that out. Maybe I can work out some sort of repayment
plan with the parental units.
Suddenly I think I'm done typing...hopefully another entry
before I go to Salisbury.