Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
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2002-12-08 14:47:40 (UTC)

Haven't written in a while

Last night was my Christmas party at church. I was supposed
to hang out with Tiffeny afterwards, but I didn't because
it lasted too late and when i called she was at
the bowling alley. And yea, I'm talking about Adam's
Tiffeny. And Matt was with me last night and adam kept
calling and i was like...'dude, you answer the phone' and
so matt kept telling him that he had the wrong number. Now
I'm right in the middle of them because Adam loves Tiffeny
and she broke up with him because 'they're killing each
other' They have so many problems and I dont think that
they should be together. I dont think that they're good fer
each other. And I will not help them get back together.
Adam kissed some other girl named Ashley and she's so not
cute. I mean, I don't even know why he'd kiss her either
me and matt are doing really good, on tuesday we will be
together fer 2 months. I'm excited. He just means so much
to me. We can be sitting on the couch and he'll just wrap
his arms around me and hold me. It makes me feel secure and
comforted. He also told me that if Adam calls bac again
then to give him the phone and he'll tell him to leave me
alone. I just dont' want to be mean to Adam because he is
suicidal and i dont want him to think that he has no
friends because if he does, i dont want him to do anything
stupid because then i'd feel guilty. and i dont want to
feel guilty. And as much as i dislike Adam, I don't ever
want to see anything happen to him.
Matt finally told his parents that he had a girlfriend. I
was really surprised because apparently at his house, you
keep yer girlfriends and such to yerself. So...I was like
telling him that i felt like he was ashamed of me, but he
said he wasn't and so the past two nights instead of just
saying 'i'm going out' he told them that he was going to my
Well, I'm sure yer sick of this by now, so i'm gonna go.