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2002-12-08 14:19:55 (UTC)

end of the semester with brian

well this past week was ok. monday was out last english
class and that was ok. i dont rememer ne thing awsome
happening but im sure it did. tuesday we handed in our
media portfolios for soc and then we went to the fireside
lounge. brian was laying on the floor and joking around
with us and then he bought us all lunch. then his brother
called and he had to leave for awhile. then later in
drawing we were teasing each other and he kept calling me
an ass....yeah that made me feel special. then thursday he
was really sleepy and i thought he was in a bad mood. we
were in the fireside lounge and he totally fell asleep and
steph couldnt wake him up. he looked so fucking adorable.
when he woke up he was all disoriented and his hair was
all messed up. i loved it. then he had lunch and he was in
a better mood. we talked for like a half hour and i found
out he has a 6 year old neice. grr i cant explain how cute
this kid is. then we moved the tables in drwaing and i
didnt get to sit next to him as close but we still talked
a little. then we asked him to come out with us after
class but he had to work at 5. so we went to spot and then
we srove to home depot to see him working. so i pulled up
next to him and yelled- hey there cart boy he ran up to
my car and was like woah so yeah he had his little apron
on and it said hi my name is brian. it was great. then
friday afternoon we went to this party thing at school but
he didnt go so i was kinda sad. but then we were all
walking to my car and we hear this honking behind us. so i
turn around and im like omg steph there is a white jeep
honking at us. so we walked over and talked to him for
awhile. i stuck my head in his car and my head was like in
his lap lol, i hope he could smell my hair LOL. so ne ways
then i wrote dork really big on his car and he drove away.
so monday will be the last day i see him and im so sad, i
really hope he goes out with us on monday night after the