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2001-08-27 16:36:19 (UTC)

My First Entry

Well I guess this is my first entry. I used to use
livejournal but that is down too much and I haven't been
able to get on for like a week. Well I just got back from
registration. It was pretty cool. My boyfriend, Kalua
took me, Megan and Justin. I got to see Nicole, Laura and
Gina and everybody else. I have like no classes with
anyone. I don't want to start school yet. I'm not ready
for it. I pretty much don't want to go because of all the
stupid little hoes that like Kalua. I know they will start
rumors and pull stupid shit to try and make me break up
with him. But that hopefully won't happen. Kalua is
picking us back up at like 11:30 to take me shopping. Well
I am gonna go now...


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