2002-12-08 07:30:13 (UTC)

well its me again well i am..

well its me again well i am doing aight tonight i just got
off the phone with julie for some reason she is the only
person i have ever been able to talk to on the phone i dont
know why but she is , i guess it helps that we got so much
incommon and plus she has some intresting stuff she talks
about she always ask me if she is boreing me but in all
reality i never get bored of her or talking to her. I had a
bad day at work today i slashed my hand wide open (ouch)
but it will be aight in the morning. atleast i got today
off yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaa plus i got a hundred dollar
bonous this week that always helps out. finaly got every
thing done on my camaro enegine and will be putting it in
this week and i hope to be driveing it this weekend i will
be so glad i have missed not driveing my hot rod. well i
guess i will go for now everyone out there have a good
night ........................TO BE CONTINUED

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