Would you mean this please if it happens
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2002-12-08 07:09:13 (UTC)

being confused sucks

well, im babysitting right now, i just put the kids to bed,
now i have to wait all alone for about two hours before the
parents come home piss drunk. tonight was easy, dan called
me and told me he has the whisky pictures, i CANNOT wait to
see them, they will be so radical.. i just got online and
it was really weird... i looked at my buddy list and saw
everyone who was on and then right when i saw lacy's screen
name, my heart jumped and i got really i
starting to want her back? that would be so crazy if i
was..but theres nothing i can do, she has a boyfriend who i
am great friends with and they are for me

i guess you never realize what you had until you lose it
eh? its like i finally found someone in my life who made me
soo happy and then i went and ended it like the idiot i am..

i guess its just a lesson for me, and completely bad karma
but i will have to live with it. maybe sometihng in the
future will arise? or maybe its just better for me to be
single since my dream career involves being gone so much...

the dog of this family hates me, everytime i try to pet it
it glares it's teeth at me and almost bites me, it is
snoring so loud right now also. alright, im gonna go surf
the internet or something