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2002-12-08 06:36:51 (UTC)


I just realized that it's been quite a while since I wrote
in this so I decided to write in it today. I guess I'll
just tell you what all went on this weekend

Well my weekend went as such...

FRIDAY - I went to school and blah blah blah... you know
how school is on Fridays. Then I helped out with the float
for improv after school. After that I got to go to
Assinaboia to play a basketball game Isn't that
exciting? Hooray... YESSSSSSSS We won 57-11 against
Rockglen. It was good fun :)

SATURDAY - I woke up at 6:45 a.m. to go to Assinaboia yet
again for basketball We played at 9:30 and we beat
Assinaboia 40 something to 11 (I guess that was our number
for the weekend or something I dunno). We lost our last
game :( to Central which was kind of a good thing cuz I
didn't want to be there all night and miss both Steph's
and Jess' parties. Which brings me to what happened next
Later on I went to Steph's and had a grand time We
watched Slamball (with the squished face guy HAHAHA), a
bit of Mr. Deeds and Van Wilder. It was good fun They
were playing this game where you lift people up... PHHFF I
have no clue what it is but it was funny to watch Ya,
then I tripped on the step. That was fun too. So then, I
scampered off to Nikki's house where Jess' party was going
on. IT WAS AWESOME Hahahaha. Well that is until DANIEL
had to ruin my day by giving me an unbelievably HUGE wegy.
Oh God, was that everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr painful. I swear I
was about to keel over and die. Boy, he's gonna get it

But ya, that about sums up my weekend as of now since
Sunday just begun half an hour ago. Maybe more will be
added on to this. Who knows Ciao