2001-08-27 13:29:22 (UTC)

August 27th.....MISSING FIRST BLOCK......

Well, the day started off all wrong. Okay, I woke up late
and then one of the tires on the Honda was flat....I'm
suppose to be at school right now. But there's no point in
going if I have to sit in ISS. I'll just make it to second
block. Anyway, Leroy called me last nite! I was kinda
shocked to hear that it was him. It was cool though.
FRIENDSHIP....that's all it is. I think of him as being my
friend, someone I can just laugh and have a good time with.
He is a trip though. I was glad to hear that he was happy
at Clemson. I may take a little trip there and hang out
with him and his teammates. But anyway, I had a dream that
my check was only $150....man, that would definitely
suck :q LOL, I don't know why I'm saying "suck" so
much....I'm a mess. But I'm a bit famished, so I guess I
will go find something to eat......*J*