~AsTrO HeArT~
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2001-08-27 10:46:23 (UTC)

Monday, August 27, 2001

Dear Journal,
Last night was absolutely horrible. Hopefully this school
year will bring better thing because this summer hasn't
been too "happy." I can only hope that is the way it will
work out. Even though I miss him already... *crys*

I got up WAY to early today at 5:30. I actually sprung up
out of bed wide awake at 5:23 when my alarm was supposed to
go off at 5:31. (dont ask.. *L* I hit the minute button one
extra time by accident) I am all ready and talking to Brian
at 6:45. He doesn't go to college until 9, but he and his
friends are going to hang out at 7 or something so he has
to be up now, I dunno.

AHH school.. I am kind of depressed but then again kind of
excited. I have to work at the fair tonight at 5... so I
have 2 hours to relax and do homework, if I get any, before
I have to go and work till like 9.

I better get going...


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