soul survivor
2001-08-27 10:25:09 (UTC)

I'm gonna be a failure when i grow up!

Dear Diary

While i was on my vacation it came to my understanding that
i might end up like my mom go through 3 marragies and be
happy or i might go through more than 3 marragies then be
happy..oh and have kids in all 3 marragies.
SHIT..i don't want that to happen but i think it will
cause , my sister sharon she's married at 21 and has a kid.
and i asked her will she be with him for the rest of her
life and she said no, i don't think i will be with him
long, its just that we have a kid and i know it won't
lastlong. I think i'm gonna follow that history. I can't
let that happen to me i've gotta be careful of who i fall
for now and what i get into before its too late. When it's
to late and i know i'll regret it cause i got alot going
for me {HOPEFULLY} if i'm not a failure in life. Which i'll
probably be, i'm not good in school, i can't get a decent
grade in any classes, i'm doing dumb classes which won't get me into
university. I wanna go to college and graduate with something and not
be a failure.
love lisa