starry nite

my own world
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2002-12-08 03:30:05 (UTC)

yet another

this is just another dumb where all i want to
do is bitch. i am so unhappy with my life. i am not good at
anything, pretty much just mediocre at everything. and i
hate my looks. i feel so disgusted when i look at myself. i
look at other people and wish to have what they had and yes
i know "the grass is greener on the other side" type of
thinking, and i know there are so many people so much worse
off then i am. but i wish i could be happy. i want to be
smart, i want to make a difference, i want to mean
something to someone, i want to be needed, i want to have
a talent, i want to be all the things i will never be. i
believe i am destined to live this life, where im
miserable, unnoticed, unappreciated, and ugly.