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2002-12-08 02:29:31 (UTC)

First day 12/8/02

Ok I decided to do this cause my friend told me to,
to keep a thing of my fellings and what not and so its not
so closed up. I guess its better then keeping a diary, that
seems gay. Lets see im 14 going on 15. Today i had a
scrimage of basketball. We lost but it was just a scrimage.
Anyways then i sat around all day making cookies, tommorow
im suppose to do somthing with trica, we'll see. I talked
to chris on Friday, well i got an email. It was good
hearing from him, made me feel better, like someone cares.
I dont know i know my friends care and such but...
sometimesi dont want to have that life, i just want to have
a different life. this kids that are stoners or allowed to
go to parties and concerts. There lucky asses. Me its like
i live in the Christian family that goes to church every
weekend. Over the summer i met three stoner guys, what
people dont know is when i was with one of them- Mike, i
tried their pot and it was cool something differnt. People
make it out to be so bad for you but im sure half those
people have never even tried it. You get a feeling that so
different. I know it was just pot and theres stronger drugs
or there that could have so much more effect but it was
cool. I did somthing illegal. Chris would be so proud. I
dont know when i get older I'm going to change what my life
is. I want to get an eyebrow ring. That would be mad cool.
My parents wont let me now which sucks cause i want one
real bad.


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