My Journal...sorta lol
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2002-12-08 02:22:49 (UTC)

its about time 12-7

yea i havent updated this in a while, but i did now so yay
hehe anywho this week was gay, im beginning to notice that
i hate school sooooooo fucking much oh well w/e yea so I
worked tuesday, thursday and friday 4-8 and today 11-7 busy
as hell all days too... i hate richard my manager hes such
a frickin hypocrite hes all like ppl arent doin their jobs
and are gunna get written up when he should be the one
being written up cuz he does shit there and he was
complaining about tomato seeds on the boards when were the
ones taking the boards down and doin his job...fuck that
w/e so yea wednesday my parents went out of town yay lol i
had mark over that night hehehehe... we just chilled... i
swear nobody believes me that all we did was kiss...a lot
lol but w/e hehe friday i worked and went home right after
and like went to bed cuz i felt like shit and woke up to my
house TPed lol it was funny so then w/e i worked and now im
gunna try to do some hw but i prolly wont but i NEED to
like really bad cuz its all due monday lol ahh well... yea
i gotta go christmas shopping really bad i have like
nothing cept for a few things for certain ppl.. gay ok i
think i might see mark tonight yay but now i gtg take a
shower cuz i smell like cuzins ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww hehe peace