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2002-12-08 02:20:28 (UTC)


Ah, yes. Beans. Today I met Beans. Whose real name is
Hank, and is originally from Kansas. He drove here, but
his car got towed at VCC. He's the sweetest person I've
ever met, and he was at the mall. He was chillin with Sid,
but he can't stay with Sid all the time. His usual home
is with Mike, but he has no permanent place to stay. He
has no home. He has no identity other than Beans.

Beans is a punk, and he's an amazing guy. He's laid back, and sweet,
and he even holds doors open for ladies and children. He's
extraordinary. Izzy and I were eating Chinese food, and Beans was
hungry, but he waited until both of us had finished picking at the
one plate of food before he asked, "Can I have the rest?"

He has been everywhere. He left home at fourteen or
fifteen, and he actually made good grades in school, but he
got kicked out of college for drugs, alcohol, but mainly
for having girls spend the night in his dorm room.

Most of his warrants are in California, and he knows that
he will get caught one day, but he doesn't let it bother him. He
likes his life. He doesn't know where he'll sleep from day
to day, or how he will get from place to place. He's so
honest and open, and he talks a lot, but it's not
annoying. It's comforting. He's quiet, but he talks a
lot. His voice is soothing, and he gives good hugs.

He's been sleeping in the park right by my house, when he
can't stay anywhere else. He'll sleep in the bathroom and
hope not to get caught. He told me how he survives, and he
loves it. He loves his life. He loves traveling around,
not having anywhere to go, not knowing where he'll sleep.

When I first saw him, I didn't like him at all. Not
because of the way he looked. Not at all, but because of
his attitude. "Get the fuck away from me or I'll burn you
with my fucking cigarette." Those were the first words I
heard out of his mouth. Spoken to a little kid, and I hate
kids, don't get me wrong, but I thought that was just wrong
of him. Izzy thought he was cute, and since I was trying
to call Sonny (who was sleeping, Travis told me), and we
were waiting for Erik (who got stuck on Patterson and Three
Chopt), we went outside and sat there.

Izzy started talking to him. We sat next to him on the
wall by the food court, as some of our friends walked by
and ignored us. Upon entering the mall, Preston gave us a
look that said, "What the fuck is wrong with you people,
talking to me outside of math class?" Jeff just ignored
me. Some dude (who gets answers from Izzy on tests in
science) ignored her, and she said, "He'll regret not
saying hi to me." When Preston exited the mall, he flicked
us off. Izzy won't forgive him for that one. I have no
problem with it since I never really like that kid anyway.

Beans is a really great guy, and if my parents weren't so
uptight I would ask him to come stay with me. He wouldn't
try to jump me in the middle of the night or anything.
He's not like that, and I can tell from just meeting him
that briefly. He loves kids, and he said that when he
finally decides to settle down, he wants to have kids. I
know that his kids would adore him, and he wouldn't be like
his fucking father. I mean, he was putting up with
Jonathan's bullshit, and that little 12 year old wigger has
got problems. He told me I look like a person who studies
witchcraft. "I am," I said. He idolises Eminem, and he
was talking about fucking Izzy. When she got fed up he
moved on to fucking me. When I nearly jumped across the
table to kill him, he started talking about Beans fucking
Izzy. Then he said something along the lines of, "The
witch girl wants to *graphic gestures that I can't
describe* Beans" We all just stopped talking over him and
gave him the oddest looks. He left at that point, only to
return even more annoying.

When Beans, Izzy, Jonathan, and I were in Sears by the
cologne and perfume stand, Beans sprayed some good smelling
cologne on himself. I believe it was ADIDAS, but I can't
be sure, for I was trying to keep an eye on the little
devil. Izzy and I turned our backs on Jon for a moment to
smell Beans, and *WHAM* we're being sprayed with AWFUL
smelling cologne. Izzy was sprayed in her ear, and I was
sprayed in the fucking mouth We would have
kicked this kid's ass if we hadn't been too busy sneezing
and coughing while he was running.

I hope I get to see Beans again. He's a sweetheart, and a
really great guy. Oh yeah, and when we were going out of
KayBee Toys, one of the guys who worked there came out and
handed me a piece of a receipt, saying, "My friend wanted
me to give this to you." It was some dude's screen name,
and I'm pretty sure I know which guy it was because he was
staring at me while Izzy, Beans, and I were sitting on the
wall, and when we were in KayBee Toys he was staring at me
as well.

One thing Beans said really got to me. He said that he
wished he hadn't gotten kicked out of college because he
could have made something of himself. I hope someday he
does. Hopefully before he turns nineteen he will have a
steady job and a place to stay, and he can get his car back.

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