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2002-12-07 21:49:02 (UTC)

Ryan Lake Elroy

well....i ended up going to see TDA at the living room
last night, they were really good, they sound very tight
as a band, but i guess im just not used to their new style
of music, its really weird... after they played i went to
ryan's house and had some good times there, i ate lots of
food, had some good jokes with some of the girls, and made
jokes about meeting mel gibson and danny glover.. I also
got to listen to "Stayin alive" by the beegees while
eating a Big Ed, man those are goodi laughed so much last
night my stomach hurt. i went home around 12:15 and went
to im up and dont know what to do tonight, i need
my money for the guitar at cowboystar, hopefully i can get
it today... im meeting dan at carrows in about 20 minutes.
food sounds good...over and out

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