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2002-12-07 21:46:26 (UTC)

the bus drive home (me and trevor)

it was so fun on our field trip....well the bus
anyway.on the way there we all played truth or dare i had
to kiss maxlyn or give trevor a blow job, well of course i
gave him a blow job, joking lol i kissed her.wen we got
there it was sooo cold and what was even worst we were
on a trolly thing with no walls so the wind was beating on

but it was ok cause me and trevor kept each other warm-
on the way back home chelsea dared us to make out- i told
him after we went to mc. donalds we would ,

wen we were at mc. donalds i watched craig pee in the
kiddie play groud and me and him mooned cars in the big
bubbles in the jungle gym.

we got back o the bus and every1 was like do it do it so
we did he slobberd on me a lil bit it was ok- we did it one
more time even though he wanted to do it more lol.that
night he had his arms around me it was nice. i slept on him
for a while then i woke up and we slept together again-
it was so much fun we were walking threw the buses bein
loud talking screaming and the teachs. didnt care. well i
might be goin to the movies tonight so c ya

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